Beauty and Well Being

Beatuy, Health and Well Being Gifts  Beauty and make-up cases, spa and health sets as well as music for relaxation : everything necessary to assure inner calm and well being. Wonderful gift ideas for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays  and holidays.

Body Care Gifts and Well Being

 body-care-gifts-well-being   body-care-gifts-well-being   body-care-gifts-well-being 

Body Care Gifts and Well Being. Beautiful gift baskets full of bath and care products for men and for women. Indulge in the pleasure and luxury of your own at-home spa. And what a wonderful gift for a birthday, get well, new mother or just to treat yourself !

CD Music Relaxation et Zen

 cd-music-relaxation-zen   cd-music-relaxation-zen   cd-music-relaxation-zen 

CD Music Relaxation et Zen  Musical CDs, composed by musicians in collaboration with therapists, offering themes which induce well being and relaxation or again that stimulate creativity.

Ecological Packihng Materials

We choose ecological wrapping and packing materials that respect nature and our environnement, as much as possible.