Heart Box , 365 Love Messages

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Special gift box for lovers : 365 days of tendre messages of love. (in french)

This attractive heart-shaped gift box contains 365 little messages that will melt the of your special someone.

That is truly exciting. There are both red and white tickets.
Over 300 white tickets for small favours, and 52 tickets for nice surprises.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the amazing ticket ideas:

  • Voucher for breakfast in bed
  • "How wonderful that you exist"
  • Voucher for a picnic in the park
  • "A kiss good-morning"

Every morning, pick out a little white scroll on which is written a message of love.
Once a week, pick out a little red scroll on which is written the promis of a special tender service, which must be accomplished on the spot !

A fabulous gift that will last all year.

Ideal gift for Valentine's Day!

 Personalized by an artisan : Alsace
Available in 4 different languages
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